Thanks to the creation of the Association culturelle franco-manitobaine (ACFM) (Franco-Manitoban Cultural Association Inc.) , rural culture and arts celebrate Franco-Manitoban tradition and identity. We are extremely proud to share the following information which traces the evolution of our organisation since its creation.

How we got here...

With the goal of facilitating the organisation of french-language “Singing Days” in various rural francophone communities, representatives of organizations from each community (the Catholic Women’s League, the Knights of Columbus, parishes, schools, etc.) established committees which, over time, were transformed into cultural committees which offered a wide variety of francophone cultural experiences.  The establishment of these cultural committees dates back to the early 1970's.

The Association culturelle franco-manitobaine, inc./French-Manitoban Cultural Association (ACFM), which regrouped these existing cultural committees, was officially created on February 17, 1986.

As of the beginning of the new millenium, all the members of the ACFM convey the same message: our cultural committees work to promote artistic and cultural activities in our rural francophone communities in Manitoba. Following a survey which lead to a the adoption of a strategic plan and a positioning strategy and after intense lobbying, the ACFM was able to access the financing  it needed which allowed it to open its first office in April, 2005 and to hire some staff.

And it continues...

In 2016, ACFM celebrated it's 30 years of age! 19 committees always working hard in their community... (click here to see our special publication that was in La Liberté)