Mission Statement

The Association culturelle franco manitobaine  (ACFM) (Franco-Manitoban Cultural Association)  is the spokesperson organization which unites the cultural committees of the Francophonie of rural Manitoba. It contributes to the development of francophone culture by assuring the implementation of adequate cultural programming by supporting its members.

 The ACFM was incorporated according to the laws of the Province of Manitoba in 1986 and adheres to all its statutes and regulations. It is apolitical and does not discriminate according to nationality, race, age , religion or sex.

 Our vision:

Together towards the cultural vitality of the Francophonie in rural Manitoba.

Our activity streams:

Our main activity streams are meant to ensure cultural vitality by supporting our cultural committees  through development, training, artistic diffusion and promotion, as well as assuring the sound management of the organization.

Our values: 

The ACFM is proud of the francophone cultural vitalité of the communities in Manitoba.  In this respect, the ACFM believes in the importance of culture as an important factor in the flourishing of a society because it reflects how we express ourselves and how we behave within this same society. As a result, he flourishing of the ACFM and its members is based upon the following values: 

  • Pride
  • Solidarity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Confidence